Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm sorry for the lack of posting. I was mugged a little less than a month ago and I've been lying low and trying not to use the computer, since there's no other reason anyone would want to mug a homeless person. Someone must've seen Sam's computer and figured I'd be an easy mark.

It's strange, though. I didn't recognize the gang. By now I know all the gangs in my area with territory that's more than a couple blocks, but these guys were new. Their sign was a mask. Any mask, it didn't seem to matter which one, so there was an array of masks that ranged from a ninja turtles mask to a hand-painted one done in abstract reds and blacks that was surprisingly intimidating.

They never said a word, and they were surprisingly good at stealth. I'm not exactly a slouch, but I didn't even know they were there until I was surrounded. I never really had a chance against six big burly men who'd blocked off all means of escape.

It was... bad. I honestly thought I wasn't going to survive. Two of them had baseball bats, two were very good with their fists, and the last... he had a knife.

I woke up in the emergency room. I'd needed stitches in three different places, and I had a concussion and two broken ribs. According to the doctor that dealt with me, I was lucky-it was almost as though they'd been deliberately trying to not kill me.

That was about as much interest as I got. There was a bit of a fuss about me being a girl from one of the nurses, but even the police that came to make a report since I'd obviously been attacked didn't give a shit. I'm homeless after all, therefore even in the hospital I'm invisible.

Unsurprisingly, the cops decided that it was inter-gang violence and blew off my protests about being mugged and not having anything to do with that bullshit. Instead of offering protection they threatened to arrest me.

Dad would've been furious. He always said that cops owe /everyone/ their protection. Unfortunately these big city cops only protect the people that make them look good. No one cares about a grubby imitation boy.

So I was released two days later and have spent my time since then hiding-I can't defend myself or flee in this kind of shape. If they catch up with me again, I'll be killed.

And they will be looking for me. Because it wasn't just the masked men. There was a tall guy in a suit that only came out when I was passing out. I couldn't see him very well, my vision was all blurry, but I'd bet money that it's the same guy I saw when I found Sam.