Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No News Is Bad News

I wish I had something to report. The source my former host sent me to was a giant bust. Not only had he never heard of anyone being trapped like Sam, but he went on to try to persuade me that thinking his predicament is true is actually just a psychological side effect of exposure to the monster.

I'm not crazy, and I'm not delusional. I attempted to get out of there in a hurry, but I ran into a little snag in the form of the source deciding that I needed to be contained 'for my own protection'. He also took that opportunity to confiscate Sam's laptop and my staff. Bastard tried to take Jill away too, but she attacked him when he tried to get her away.

That probably saved my life, to be honest. The guy kept coming in to poke and prod at me, trying to figure out why the monster had left me alone for so long. That was when I discovered that my former host hadn't realized what his 'old friend' had been up to lately. Apparently he'd fallen in with another monster. He'd come in wearing robes and do increasingly screwed up things-ranging from giving me a full physical to slicing off the scarred over symbol on my shoulder and putting it under a microscope.

Occasionally he'd come in with Sam's laptop and let me get online to comment on things so that nobody realized I was missing. He'd watch over my shoulder so I couldn't reach out for help or anything.

And then he came in with rope and told me he was cutting me open, and that I would probably survive the procedure. I signaled Jill to attack and we managed to overpower him and escape. As tempted as I was to lock him into the room I'd been kept in, I knew no one would find him and let him out in time.

But, we're out again, and running like hell. My only lead was a bust. I don't know where to go next.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nice Try

I'm back on the road now. It feels a little strange after a couple months spent living in a real place, and a steady one. But after years and years on the street, I'm a little surprised I got used to having a bed so quickly. I guess that's how it goes, though. If it weren't for Sam, being homeless would feel like nothing more than a bad dream.

I don't want that to happen, so it's for the best that I'm on the road again, headed to parts unknown. I left three days ago, my former host had someone attempt to smuggle me out and send me on my way.  Unsurprisingly, I was followed. Three of what I assume must have been hollowed but could have been others like Moth, I suppose, tailed me for a few hours. When the car stopped, they ambushed me. They weren't particularly challenging to deal with, I had Jill and my broom handle, so between the two of us I managed to knock them out and ditch them. I'm sure I know who sent them.

I'm safe and sound and well away from my tails. Next stop will be something a bit more useful.