Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I realized this morning that Sunday was Father's day, and I know I'm a little late now, but I wanted to talk about my father all the same.

He was an amazing man. A police officer. He spent his life fighting to defend people, even when his PD didn't think they were worth protecting. He taught me that everyone deserves a chance, that everyone deserves to be safe. Most importantly, he taught me that everyone deserves to be treated the same. He stood by me when no one else would.

Thinking back on my Dad, I'm more determined than ever to do the same for Nina. She was scared and alone and she reached out to me, so I will do anything to keep her safe and give her a chance to have a better life. I can't imagine a better parent than my Dad, so I'm going to be the best mother I can be to make him proud.

Nina's doing much better, by the way. Chris got me some medicine for her, and once I got her to take it she got much better. She's pretty much back to normal now, and sweeter than ever. I'm thinking of doing something special for her since she was having such a hard time of it. I wonder if she'd be old enough to enjoy it if I found an arcade to take her to...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I think Nina is sick. She can't tell me so, of course, but she's been rather pale the past few days and seems to have a hard time keeping up like she usually does. It's tricky to figure out what might be wrong, since not only does she not talk but she doesn't seem to understand or want to communicate what actually feels wrong. Normally she communicates quite a lot even without words, but she won't even hint at what's bothering her.

I bought a thermometer to check her temperature but she refuses to let me bring it near her. Instead, I tried putting a hand on her forehead, and she felt a bit cool, but I'm not exactly good at judging what temperature a person's supposed to be-I've never had reason to pick up that particular skill. I picked up children's Tylenol to try to help-if she does have a fever or if she's having trouble with headaches or muscle aches or anything along those lines it would do her some good, but she won't take that either.

I don't have any way to take her to a doctor, and considering she's not actually my child I can't take her to the ER. If she was a runaway, she might get sent back to whatever she ran away from, and if she was kidnapped... well, that would make me the primary suspect.

I'm not sure what to do. I may have to risk the ER if she gets any worse, but I'm hoping I don't have to go that far.