Thursday, September 27, 2012


I've been doing some research on the side. I used to be pretty good at it, during my academic days. That woman said that the symbol was her boss' mark. It's my only clue, so I started quietly asking around. Homeless people tend to be everywhere and see everything, especially when it comes to the criminal element, so I was certain it would turn up somewhere.

I got a whole lot of nothing. The only people who knew anything denied any knowledge-except for poor Tyler, who hasn't been doing well off his meds. Unfortunately, a schizophrenic's rantings about curses and demons can't be taken seriously, so I'm back at square one. All I know is that anyone who recognizes the symbol tends to fit the drifter type. Mid to late teens, usually, and the type who doesn't stay in town for long. And they all refuse to talk about whatever it is.

Just like Sam.

As a last resort, I tried plugging it in to Google, on the off chance that something would come up. I got plenty of information online, just nothing that makes any sense. I might as well go back and listen to Tyler, it's pretty thematically similar. It's a mathematical symbol, it's a Japanese police station, it's the planetary seal of Jupiter, or it's the symbol for an imaginary creature called the "Slender Man", who seems to be a pretty standard boogyman type, that steals children and kills meddling adults.  None of this makes any sense in my case.

I don't know why I thought the symbol of a clearly very secretive organization would show up on Google. I guess I'm just desperate.

I'm being followed again. I leave tonight. And I still don't know what I'm running from.


  1. Curiosity killed the cat but PUPPET STRINGS BROUGHT HIM SCREAMING BACK!

    Also, don't call me 'woman'. Sounds so vulgar.

    Woman. WOMAN!

    I am a lady... OR A GIRL!

    1. I'll call you what I like. Or you could give me a name. I'm not going to bother with manners with someone who attacked me.

    2. There are those who call me,... PICASSO!

      AND I DIDN'T ATTACK YOU! I, like, punched you and stuff. MAN UP!


    3. I'm curious about how you would define an attack, then, Picasso.

    4. That's when I go for blood. YOU'LL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

      Assuming you survive it.

    5. Oh yes. Real friendly and repentant, right here.

    6. BUT I DIDN'T DO THAT! So it... does or does not count. Which ever is the good one.


    7. Oh dear god. No. No more of that.

      Need to check these more often apparently.

    8. Moth. Are you my stalker from before?

    9. Why? You seem fairly reasonable at this point.

    10. To make you worry and panic as the rules changed, to scare you into realizing you were in serious danger, to edge in a sense of greater significance to things you so willingly ignored or over looked before.

      Or, at least that's what my little sheet of orders said.

    11. Are you still working for the monster?

    12. For Father? Yes.

      Whether or not he agrees, I cannot be sure.

    13. What do you mean by that?

    14. What we are doing defies Fracture and puts us at odds with him, whether or not it puts us at odds with Father is unknown.