Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Keep Running

I'm a little surprised at the sheer number of people I've found that are on the monster's side. I was under the impression that people like that who could blog were uncommon. It feels as though the opposite is true. I'm not sure if that's because runners have been weeded out, or if it's because they've abandoned blogging as too dangerous, like I almost did.

Either way, it's surprisingly lonely to only find such a few. I had hoped to find a grand community like the older bloggers had. In all my reading, it had appeared that runners had come together, had made this place their own, and were standing strong.

Imagine my disappointment to discover that one by one, they fell. The only hint of what came before is one solitary blogger left to remember and keep fighting, because it's all he can do now.

I have offered my help to a kid stuck in a tree, but the odds are high that we're too far apart for the offer to do any good. I probably shouldn't have, it's a big risk and likely to be a trap. I'm just tired of being alone.

I am back in a city for a while. There's plenty of tall buildings here (and lots of hills to help with the elevation), and it's warm enough to allow me to avoid shelters for the time being. I needed to replenish my funds anyway, this seems as good a place as any to do it.


  1. How normal do you look in your opinion?

    1. I look like a standard homeless person. Nothing unusual about my appearance.

  2. Runners do not blog much any more.
    The information is online and it is risky.
    Normally they just find their friends.
    Find their friends and flee.

    Look after yourself,
    you seem strong enough.

    1. I don't have any friends. That's why I was looking.

    2. Keep looking.
      Do not stop looking.
      When you stop looking for friends.
      You have lost. He has changed you.

    3. I'M YOUR FRIEND! Probably. Definitely probably, maybe.

    4. Ember, have you stopped looking for friends?

      And you are not my friend. I still have a scar from your last visit.

    5. No...
      I just do not wish to put anyone in danger.
      After my duckling died or whatever happened to him.
      I do not want to lose anyone else.

    6. I can understand that. I wish you well.

    7. 1. Duckie IS GOING TO DIE!

      2. That's a live mark. It's on your shoulder!

    8. Duckie is already dead.
      You just wish to kill his body.

    9. Pinning someone and carving something into their skin against their will is not a sign of affection.

    10. Ember- He is a body!

      Lils- Not with that attitude it isn't. TRY HARDER!