Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tis the Season

I used to love this time of year, before I hit the streets. Back when I had a family and a job and my education meant something. My dad went crazy with the decorating and the lights and the dinner that was so large it took a week to polish off the leftovers. We didn't always have a lot of money for presents when I was a kid, but he always made sure that the few I got really meant something. The rest of the family kept trying to win me over with dolls and pretty dresses and other 'girly' things, but Dad always knew better. Sometimes I did get a doll or a stuffed animal or a dress, but only when they were things I actually wanted. He never had to ask me either, he just knew.

I always made him something from scratch in return-handmade paper ornaments and cards as a little kid, then cookies or a painting or a handmade shirt when I got old enough to make useful things. He kept all of them, and those horrible ornaments coated in glitter still held a place of honor on the tree every year up until he died.

It's never really felt like Christmas since. But it's still nice to hear the music everywhere. I just wish this wasn't going to be another Christmas alone on the street.


  1. Slender claws, Slender claws, Slender all the way...

    Hmm... what do you get a loser who has nothing?

    1. I don't know. What would you two like?

    2. A dead Duck... Said Duck's cache of supplies... dead Fracture... and a trench coat with velvet red in-lining.

    3. Nothing I can help you with, then.

  2. Christmas.
    It has been a year already?
    I forgot Christmas was near.
    Why did I forget?

    1. You've been rather busy, I'm sure.

    2. Mostly running from place to place.
      The safe houses are not safe.
      Then the fact that people
      do not believe I can deliver.

      I... I admit I have been known
      to have much bark and little bite.

    3. Passion... WORDS!

      Things Duckie would say! Insert them here.

    4. I'm sure you know what you're doing.

      And Picasso, I don't think you're helping.